Watch Movies & TV Series Online For Free Only on Yesmovies

Yesmovies is a popular website to watch movies and tv shows online. We offer a great range of popular movies and tv shows from around the world. All these are free to watch and one can switch over to the HD resolutions as per their device.

Yesmovies is a preferred choice for true movie lovers. Millions of users enjoy a huge collection of movies and tv shows here. It was founded in 2017 and since then our popularity has increased rapidly. 

The traffic on our previous websites has been so huge that many times even the best of the servers failed to host the content on the internet. 

Yesmovies: Features Of Official Website

A movie streamer enjoys plenty of features on yesmovies website due to its uniqueness. Some of its key features are:

  • Genres 
    There are hundreds of genres that classify the movie or tv show as per your preference. It becomes easy to explore the movie which a user wishes to watch. Some of the famous ones are Romantic, Comedy, Action, Thriller, Horror, Drama etc.
  • Downloading 
    The Download feature has been the most demanded one since a decade when looking for movies on the internet because no one likes to watch movies being buffered. 
    Even though we have quite a good internet speed as compared to 10 years ago, people still tend to download the movie and watch them offline at later times.
  • Streaming 
    With the enhanced internet speed nowadays, a huge number of users have switched to streaming movies online. The ones with good internet speed do not even have to bother about the buffering problems which were a matter of concern earlier.
  • Featured 
    Yesmovies lists certain movies and tv shows which are the best of all time. This contains various genres, languages and years of release. A featured movie is usually a trending or popular movies and tv shows of all time which are uploaded exclusively for an audience who loves watching movies online. 
  • Device Friendly 
    Our website and app can be accessed not just on mobile or desktop but elsewhere as well. In the early days most of the people used desktop to watch movies however now mobile has taken over gradually as its much more portable then desktop. Not just mobile, desktop or laptop but one can stream online on their smart tv as well.
  • No sign up needed 
    Yesmovies does not require any account creation, sign up or log in. One may simply find a movie, tv shows or anime that they wish to watch.
  • User friendly interface
    It is easy for a user to understand the interface as the Yesmovies website does not show any pop up ads, all the movies are categorised on the basis of genres, resolution quality, and languages.
    Users can use filters to pick out any movie or tv show from a specific country, genre, language, anime, taste and desire. We have made this website in a manner that it is even easily understood by kids to navigate through when they stream on tv.

How to download movies on Yesmovies?

It’s a very simple process, just find the movie, tv show, anime or whatever you prefer to download. Once you have found the page, open it and search for the download button below the player. 

Once you click on the download button, a timer will start and then your movie will be downloaded offline. If resources are not available try the same on the different servers mentioned on the same page.

How to stream movies online for free?

There are an enormous number of movie platforms on the internet to stream movies online. Some of them are completely paid, some require partial paid subscription and then there are free ones. Yesmovies is a hub for streaming HD movies online for free. Thousands of users stream thousands of movies and tv shows online in various languages and regions. We do not charge a single penny.

This is an absolutely free website that offers you a huge collection of movies and shows from around the world wide. 

Is Yesmovies 100% Safe?

Using our site is 100% safe. We don’t collect any personal information from you such as credit card, name, number, id, password etc. However, the external website that connects with our website may or may not be 100% safe. 

It is difficult to say what platform is safe to what extent however until you are using this domain you are protected. The ads which are present on the Yesmovies website/app could put you at risk of any malware or theft as they are controlled by third parties.

It is advised to avoid sharing any personal details on such ads networks.

How to Download Yesmovies App?

Yesmovies App is no longer working as they were removed by Google due to copyright infringement filed by directors of some movies and shows. Also Google prohibits circulation of such apps on Google Play Store (official platform for android apps) due to its piracy policy.

However, there is a way by which both android as well as Ios users can use our website as an official yesmovies app. Follow these steps:

For Android users

  • Load Yesmovies in your default browser which is usually set to Google Chrome most of the time.
  • On the right top of the screen, tap on three dot buttons which will open a few options such as “New Tab”, “History”, Downloads”. Etc.
  • Find the “Add to Home Screen” in the available options.
  • Chrome will open a Prompt with an official logo and ask you to change the app name. By default it will be Yesmovies, in case you would like it to be changed then rename as per your wish.

For Apple users

  • Load Yesmovies in your default browser which is usually set to Safari most of the time.
  • On the right top of the screen, tap on the share button which will open a few options such as “Copy”, “Add Bookmark”, Messages”. Etc.
  • Find the “Add to Home Screen” in the available options.
  • Safari will open a Prompt with our logo and ask you to change the app name.

I can’t find my preferred movie. What to do?

Since there are hundreds of thousands of movies to offer on Yesmovies, there could be a possibility that we might miss out on listing a movie. In such cases you may send us a request with the details of the show or the movies which includes the movie name, year of release, and language it is released in.

Once this is done your movie will be uploaded within a few days of your request by our team.

Why Do People Use Yesmovies?

Yesmovies is a platform where a user can watch and download tv shows and movies with a simple process. It has a great collection of movies, it adds to the content value and is perfect for every type of viewer. A user can also download any type of video.

Our website respects the hard work of Actors, directors, and producers. We Respect the guidelines of DMCA. Our website does not promote or provide any pirated content. Our website is just made for information and by embedding links of movies available on the internet. You will not find any pirated movie or TV Show hosted on this website. If you want to watch your favourite Movies and TV Shows, then Websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are the best platforms. Kindly subscribe to these websites.

Yesmovies Alternatives

There is no doubt that Yesmovies is the best website to stream or download movies and tv shows however at times the server may be down due to the high number of users (millions) streaming on the same platform. For such a situation we yrecommend you to use Yesmovies mirror websites like soap2day which go live during such situations. If you are still not satisfied then here are some other alternatives to Yesmovies:

Legal alternatives of Yesmovies:

  1. Amazon Prime Video 
    Amazon Prime Video is one of the most famous platforms globally. It has a great collection of movies, tv shows, and web series. It is also involved in production which is known as Originals.
    Amazon Prime Video has come a long way since 2006. By offering their users great content in HD they have emerged along with technology
    This has increased the popularity and demand even after having a paid subscription.
  2. Youtube 
    Youtube started in 2007. Youtube is owned by google which automatically makes it secure to use. Unlike Yesmovies, Youtube platform has two versions: a premium one which is without ads and a freemium one which has ads enabled.
    It allows users to access millions of data which not only includes movies and shows but also plenty of other video content. It is the most popular and demanding platform for all devices and OS.
  3. Netflix 
    They started a DVD rental service in the US in 1997. Today Netflix is famous globally for its huge collection of movies, series and tv shows. It also has its original content known as Netflix Originals.
    The platform coped up well with fast paced technology and covered around 200 countries. 
  4. Pluto Tv
    This is a website which is mainly created for TV as the name also suggests. It has a huge collection of movies and tv shows. However It does not offer their users to download any content, One can only stream online.
    It has over 60 channels to serve movies in different genres. Currently it is only accessible from the USA however you can access the same using a good VPN from other countries as well.

Illegal Alternatives of Yesmovies.

  1. Putlocker 
    Putlocker is a similar website to Yesmovies that offers a huge collection of movies. It was started in 2014 and has got all kinds of movies, animes and tv shows. There was a time when this platform was highly famous across the US and had 1.5 Million users a day. 
    This website has many mirrors and proxy websites. They show plenty of ads which impact the movie streaming experience. If you are streaming here there is a chance you may be annoyed with the number of Ads.
  2. Yomovies
    This is a website with a collection of movies from various genres and Indian regional languages. There are around 8-9 languages in which the movies are streamed. The languages are Punjabi, Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, etc.
    Yomovies is unique as it uploads the latest movies real quick in comparison to any other website available on the internet.
  3. 123movies 
    123movies was launched in 2014. It is also launched with another domain named Gomovies. It is said that the owners of both these websites are the same. 123movies was one of the best platforms to watch and download movies for free. After it was banned the owners came out with another platform which became popular as Gomovies.
    Thereafter they made several other websites and their mirrors to diversify the business and they did find success in the same.
  4. Fmovies
    Fmovies gained popularity in 2015 as there were very few platforms that accepted the request of users to upload. This website is very much similar to Yesmovies which offers users beyond expectation, that too for free. Users were happy until DMCA striked them for distributing content without the authorised rights as a result Fmovies got banned forever.
    However, Fmovies still runs various other domain illegally for streaming and downloading movies online


You may watch or download the movies, tv shows that you like from the huge collection of Yesmovies. One must understand the risk involved in using the Piracy and adware. Nothing in this world is free, every website earns through means of ads, therefore one must be careful about what link they visit and consider these points, 

  • Ensure your safety
    The site usually does not have viruses but the ads that lead you to other urls outside the website may be risky for your data. It is recommended to have an ad blocker or an antivirus installed on your system for enhanced protection of your data.
  • Choose a Vpn
    Some countries are prohibited from accessing the content due to distribution rights. Thus the yesmovies may not open in native country. In such cases a good Vpn can save you as it not only allows you to access content but also hides your identity and comes along with an inbuilt ad blocker. 
  • One place with Collection of movies
    Yesmovies is a platform with a huge collection of movies, series and tv shows from various platforms Netflix, Ullu, Hotstar, Zee, Prime, Sony liv, Alt Balaji, Mx player, Voot and many more. It is a kind of compilation of all the content on one platform so you don’t have to visit different platforms to search for different shows and movies here and there.