10 Best Amazon Original Series

10 Best Amazon Originals Series

If you want to know the best Amazon Originals, you should definitely check our picks for their best TV shows. 

10. The Terminal List (2022)

It is created by David Digilio, convincing fans of the realistic spy genre with intriguing plots of betrayal and Corruption. The show follows Lieutenant Commander James Reese after a Splatoon of Navy SEALs is ambushed on a covert Mission. 

He returns home with doubt and conflicted memories of what happened. One day, he suddenly becomes the target of an investigation, his morals and beliefs are questioned as a Manhunt begins. 

9. Goliath (2016)

It is a legal drama television series created by David E Kelly and Jonathan Shapiro. The story follows the cynical lawyer Billy McBride as a morally conflicted broken man now seeking Redemption for his actions in the past. 

His one shot depends on getting Justice in a political system that is built on betrayal and lies. Furthermore McBride has to learn that the scales of Justice are at their brink of collapse and have never been more in imbalance between rich and poor than right now. 

8. Sneaky Pete (2015–2019)

It is created by David Shore and Brian Cranston. Lying is nothing new to imprisoned Pete but what most wouldn’t do, take the best chance to repeat everything again. But now without getting caught in the greatest scam ever. 

When Pete presents himself to the family of a once prison cellmate as a family member which they have never seen. His goal is to win their trust and steal a family treasure with a brutal and mighty Crime Boss after him.

7. Reacher (2022)

It is a crime Thriller television series created by Nick santora. The story based on the infamous book series Jack Reacher, it follows the former military policeman who now living life as an outlaw. 

He is imprisoned in the rural town of margrave for a murder he did not commit. After he is freed by two other friends of Justice, they uncover a huge conspiracy. Full of dirty cops, Shady businessmen and scheming politicians and must figure out what is really happening there.

6. Catastrophe (2015–2019)

It is a comedy television sitcom created by Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan. It’s all fun and games till something goes wrong, in this case an unplanned pregnancy turns a weekend tryst into a rather serious long-term commitment for a British woman and an American Tourist. 

When Rob from America moves to the UK to help figure things out, it’s a clash of cultures resulting in a dark humored hilarious Adventure. These two more and more realize they don’t know anything about each other. 

5. Bosch (2014)

It is created by Michael Connolly. A Relentless and Reckless Los Angeles homicide detective goes on a mission that goes beyond objective work. It becomes personal when pursuing the killer of a 13 year old boy, he is Led on a path where he already crossed the point of no return. 

Things are getting out of hand when he is charged with several trials on which he is accused of murder now the line between right and wrong blurs in a world of dying morals. 

4. The Expanse (2015)

It is a science fiction television series created by Mark Fergus and Hawk Osby. It is set hundreds of years in the future when Humanity has colonized the solar system and the independent Mars and Earth are in a constant state of distrust. 

A case of a missing young woman brings a police detective – the first officer of an interplanetary ice Raider and a United Nations security council member together in a race across the solar system to expose the greatest conspiracy in human history.

3. Fleabag (2016–2019)

It is a comedy drama television series created by Phoebe Waller Bridge. The story revolves around a sexually liberated and irritable woman trying to make sense of the world. As she makes her Modern Life through the city of London breaking the fourth wall and speaking directly to the audience. 

We also encounter dark sides of her character just as she is sexually active and independent she is cursed with anger and confusion throughout the show. We encounter the bright but also sad moments of fleabag’s Life. 

2. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017)

It was created by Amy Sherman Palladino. The year is 1950, a time when women were Housewives, often losing their hobbies and talents. The Charming and quite talented Miriam Midge Maisel discovers that she is brilliant at stand-up comedy. Her ordinary life takes an extraordinary turn taken out of her comfort zone. 

She wanders through the clubs and basket houses of Greenwich Village as we follow her storming the world of stand-up comedy. 

1. The Boys (2019 )

It is a superhero television series created by Eric Kripke, Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen. This is set in a universe where super-powered individuals are recognized as Heroes by the general public and owned by a powerful Corporation Vaught International.  They market and monetize them but outside of their heroic personas most are arrogant and corrupt. 

The story focuses on two groups the seven Vaught International superhero team and the titular boys Vigilantes looking who try to keep the corrupt Heroes under control 

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