7 Indian Movies That Will Make You Feel Good

7 Indian Movies That Will Make You Feel Good

Yesmovies bring you a list of Indian movies which will make you feel good. These movies are available to watch in hindi language and will fill up your day with good vibes. Let’s start the list


This movie was released in 2018. The story is about a guy named Avinash who gets to know his father has died. He receives his body through the airport from a place from a tourist place where his father died. 

When the body arrives it is actually someone else’s body that he receives. In a belief that body might have exchanged, he starts to find the other person so he goes on a road trip.

The movie is very light weight and entertaining. Irffan khan has played the role very well.

Tu Hai Mera Sunday

This movie was released in 2016. It has a beautiful story and is relatable. The story is about 5 friends who are grown up and busy with their lives. Busy with job, family, career etc. These friends live this busy life everyday except Sundays because on this day they are relieved from their duties and responsibilities.

On Sundays, they play football together but one day they meet an accident which causes sports activity to be banned in that area. So in places like Mumbai, they tend to find a place for playing football but they face different challenges.

This movie will give you a wholesome experience and is very much related to the daily life of people nowadays.

Do Doni Chaar

This movie was released in 2010. The story revolves around a middle class family who wants to buy a car. The movie showcases the struggles of buying a car as a middle class person. There are plenty of scenes which relate to real life incidents which take place in day-to-day life. Also, this add on to the beauty of movie and make it even more entertaining,   

Qarib Qarib Single

This movie was released in 2017. The story revolves around a girl named Jaya who is looking for a partner as her husband had died long ago and she has been single since then.

She finds a man through a dating app named Yogi played by Irrfan Khan. They decide to go on a date and plan a trip together to Rishikesh. Their story begins on this and you have to watch the movie to find if they are going to be together or not.


This movie was released in 2018. The movie focuses mainly on a guy named Dan who is played by Varun Dhawan. It could be said that this is the best performance by Varun Dhawan. The movie revolves around a Dan who is very childish by nature and is irresponsible. He doesn’t have many friends and those who are they use him when they need him. 

Dan neither has any goal for life nor any vision for the future. Even after all this he joins an internship at the hotel. He meets a girl named Shooli at this workplace who is a completely opposite character to Dan. Shooli is responsible, mature and kind.

As the story goes further, Shooli meets with an accident which causes many injuries to her. Dan initially does not care much but as soon as he comes to know that she is asking for him in his absence, he realises that there is someone who cares for him. He rushes to meet her and their story begins, watch the movie for no further spoiler.


This movie was released in 2023 starring Manoj Bajpayee. The story revolves around a man named Arun Batra who loves his family very much but later he gets to know his mother is leaving for pondicherry. His son doesn’t want to live with the family and he wishes to live with his wife alone.

Under these circumstances, Arun Batra goes under depression as he loves his family very much. It’s quite an emotional movie and teaches a lot about life. Its a family friendly movie except for one lesbian kiss.

Sharmaji Namkeen

This movie was released in 2022. The story revolves around an old retired man who now works at home, making food for their children who are grown ups. Since the old man is workaholic by nature so instead of sitting idle he tries to find a job for himself.

After sometime he gets an idea to make food for kitty parties and this gradually becomes a growing business.

One character is played by two actors in the movie. Late Mr Rishi Kapoor could not complete the movie therefore Mr Paresh Rawal completed the rest of the movie scenes. The character is very beautiful and so is the story of the movie which makes it a must watch.

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