7 Mind Blowing Movies with Unique Concept

Today we are sharing a list of movies that have quite unique concepts and are kind of different from all. 

The Man Without Gravity

This movie was Launched in 2019. As the name suggests, the movie revolves around a man who is not at all affected by gravity or gravitational force.

In general terms, we don’t even think of the importance of gravity since we stay on earth but imagine how challenging would be the life of a person who is not affected by gravity.

When his guardians explore this weird scenario that the child is a bit different from others they decide to keep this as a secret from the world for his safety. However, as the child grows he gets a thought that if he is different the world must know about him.

It is a good movie with a pinch of unexpected things and light comedy as well.

Ex Machina

Ex machina was released in 2014 and it is a Sci-fi Thriller movie. The story of the movie revolves around a CEO of a very advanced technology company who has been working on an advanced technology of AI.

This CEO builds an AI and fits it into a robot which looks like a female. For testing purposes, he makes the robot interact with a man inspecting how close that robot could get to humans.

During the testing process, the man falls in love with the robot. We won’t give you any spoilers here. So you may watch this movie as it is another unique concept.

The Platform

We got to know about this movie from Instagram and hence we included it to the list. The story of the movie revolves around a prison where prisoners are sent for only 1 year and if they survive during this span of time they will get the bail.

Usually in every movie, you must have seen a prison which is made horizontally but here in this movie, we get to see a prison which is vertically made. Every floor of the prison acts as a cell for every individual prisoner.

In the center of the cell, there is a square shaped gap for a platform which carries food for all the prisoners at once. This platform only stops at every floor for two minutes only which means from top to bottom and the last prisoner would get the leftovers from all other prisoners.

The prisoners at the top enjoying the best of meals and those at the bottom might hardly get it or get the leftovers. Unique concept of life in prison can be seen in this movie.

Mortal Engines

This movie was released in 2018 and it shares a special place in this list of unique concept movies. The story begins with the end of the world and the cities are running from one place to another with the help of wheels underneath them.

Between the chaos, there is a beautiful city of London which is also shown superior to all. The head of this place is the villain in the movie as he has been showcased having evil plans to destroy other cities. 

The lead actress of this movie tries to stop him and save the world from his evil deeds. This might sound like the usual movie story but when you watch the movie. The things look entirely different. One cannot miss watching how the world is saved in this movie.


This movie was released in 2016 and is an awesome movie. The story revolves around soldiers who have gone to war but they are being killed by something invisible. They have absolutely no idea what is happening to their team and how soldiers are getting killed.

Thereafter, they use a high tech camera to detect what’s happening. Thus, they get to know that they are at war with a supernatural being.

The way they battle this invisible entity is shown nicely in this movie with powerpack action.

The Island

This movie was released in 2005. When we first saw the movie, we got a vibe that maybe this is the future and all this would be possible sooner. 

After the end of the world, some of the people who were kept alive are shifted to a place which forms a small community of people. They are asked to do the daily domestic work and one of them who is performing the job well is chosen as winner to be sent to another island which is as beautiful as heaven to enjoy.

The movie takes a turn when scarlet gets selected as winner and her boyfriend does not want her to go. The reality of that island is totally different which is further explored by his boyfriend. Watch movies on yesmovies as we don’t want to give you a spoiler.


This movie was released in 2017 and has a unique concept. The story revolves around a man who has no memory of himself. There is a very weird mystery going on with this man as any entity who comes in touch with him dies soon. The mystery remains why such a thing is happening with him.

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