Attic Trunk Movie Review

Our goal is to give you the heads up on filmmaking quality and content so that you can make the best decision as to whether or not to spend time or money or both watching a specific film so this specific movie we’re reviewing is called “Attic Trunk”. 

This dramatic movie is now available to stream online. It’s rated PG and is an hour and 20 minutes long, so the movie actually came out a couple of months ago. 


This movie is directed by Raugi Yu. Attic Trunk follows 40 year old Jason who on the day of his sister Sadie’s funeral is asked by his parents to go back to his childhood home to clean up the remnants of her makeshift hospital room where she died and the place where she took her last breath. 

As Jason prepares to clean up the house, a woman from his past “Annalise” arrives to pay her respects to the family. As they rekindle their relationship Jason and Annelise are instantly transported back in time to when their bond was strong and unbreakable. 

At a Crossroads Jason and Annelise must decide whether or not there is a relationship to salvage as they fill out the spirits of their past reaching out through the house attached to so many memories or not. 

The movie clearly illustrates how the circumstances look like in times of people who are gone and cleaning out their place has definitely reflected what will others think of all this stuff like what I did with with my life, with my money, with my time, who will actually mourn my own passing, what Legacy will I pass on to my children and grandchildren.

It’s that kind of a movie those are the sobering questions that should make us all pause and re-evaluate how we spend each day of Our Lives

The cast includes Andrew McNee, Josette George, Gabrielle Rose, J brazo and Colleen Wheeler. 

We thought that Andrew McNee was a true standout and gave an excellent performance he’s a naturally gifted actor who really shines in this role and so I would love to see him in more work you might recognize him from his work in Diary of a Wimpy Kid in 2010 or scary movie in 2006 or maybe firewall also in 2006. 

It’s been a while since we’ve seen him in anything like many films that were halt due to the pandemic this movie was supposed to be released in the year 2021 while waiting for theatres to open the film was busy winning awards at several film festivals and so now it’s been officially released so congratulations to the filmmakers actors the production Team and everybody involved with the film. Filming was done in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.

What Went Well

The banter between the two characters is often humorous and insightful. It’s really hard to pull off a movie with one location but this film worked even harder to hold the audience’s attention with only two actors in the majority of the scenes. The film worked on that front too, the camera work was simple and effective. 

The pain that the character showed was heartbreaking and so real. The gentle music never overpowered nor drove the emotions in the film like sometimes it can do instead it just simply supported What feelings the silence often created.

The ending was powerful. On the screen we see these words written “This is a work of fiction, any similarity to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental but grief is real so is love“.

What could have been better

There were just a few things that we thought could have been done better for example, oddly there wasn’t a scene about an attic despite the title although there’s lots of trunks and things laying around in the house. 

There wasn’t just one specific trunk either but an entire house filled with objects that allowed the memories to flood in like addicts. 

We recognize that people swear especially when they’re hurting and when words don’t come anywhere close to describing their complicated feelings. Some people might complain that nothing happens but a lot does happen. In the movie it’s just all internal. 

We wish we could have seen what was on all of the sticky notes that one of the characters Drew. We thought that scene offered a very sweet, tender and funny touch.

 If you keep watching during the final credits you’ll get to see one of them as well as some pictures of another character Drew as a kid that was mentioned in some conversations or alluded to in conversations which was pretty cute.

Tips for parents 

Kids are definitely going to be bored. There is some profanity including many f-bombs as mentioned earlier we have to watch someone throw up. There’s talk of death obviously and two adults get drunk and smoke weed 


Some of the themes that are Illustrated well are Cancer, Family, Life and Death. of course grief and mourning, friendship, memories and support. 

Usually we write down funny lines and interesting lines other than that line that I told you I didn’t write down any funny lines because it’s not this Laugh Out Loud Comedy 


This looks and feels like a low budget indie film but that doesn’t mean that that’s bad at all. Other films that are sort of similar and some of them are a bigger Hollywood Productions is

  • Beaches 
  • P.S I love you (someone is trying to deal with the passing of a loved one)

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