Best Anime Movies Of 2022

Best Anime Movies Of 2022

If you want to know the best anime movies of 2022 you should definitely read, yesmovies has picked the best ones.

10. Awashi 

Created by Akarosato and Masahiro Yokitani. This story follows a young talented and extremely troubled boy with a passion for football. Even though he is very promising, things never turn out well for him.

However when he is invited to play for a Japanese team he might even change the face of Japanese Football under the right direction and Leadership But first he must train harder than anyone ever has. 

9. My Dress-up Darling 

It is a romantic comedy anime series created by cloverworks through a bond between an awkward recluse and a popular student. We see fantasy come to life. Wakana is a first-year high school student who dreams of becoming a Hina doll Craftsman using his sewing and deal making skills.

When his talent is spotted by the school’s most popular girl she asks him to create a life-size costume based on her favourite video game forging the two together. 

8. Blue Lock 

Created by Taku Kishimoto and Tatsuaki Watanabe. Inviting us into the world of extreme pressure and sports we witness what happens when the Japanese Football Association introduces a system to get the best striker in football history but if you fail the program you will never play in any Japanese team. 

When a young boy struggling with his playing style enters the tournament it all comes down to will passion and ability 

7. Bocchi the Rock! 

Created by Erica Yoshida and Keichiro Saito. It is Funny, heartfelt and passionate. This tale follows the extremely awkward, Hitori who has no other dream than to make friends and play in a rock band.

One day both might become reality when she is invited to join a group and gets a chance to prove herself as a member of the Kasogu band. 

6. Summertime Rendering 

Created by Hiroshi Seko and Ayumi Watanabe. Shining a light on the supernatural anime genre this mysterious case of Lies and Murder is subtly told Through The Eyes of Shinpei. After growing up without parents and no friends besides two girls, he is shocked to hear that one of them drowned in their Hometown. Years later, he becomes convinced it was murder sending him on a quest to solve the case 

5.Kotaro Lives Alone 

Created by Hiroshi Sato and Tomoe Makino. A little boy lives alone even though it might not be the best idea upon moving into a small apartment determined to be the most adult he can be.

A young boy befriends gentle Shin Carino, a manga Artist At Heart. The two form a bond that goes beyond art evolving into an adventure-filled parental relationship.

4. Cyberpunk: Edge Runners 

It is a cyberpunk anime television series created by Rafal Jaki and Mike Pondsmith. This new hit in the world of dystopian storytelling is set in a future city where Humanity has grown obsessed with body modifications. 

As Society slowly loses its biological face, a young boy must choose between death or life as an outlaw. After becoming an edge Runner he finds himself hunted by a twisted government in a world of dying morals. 

3. Spy x Family 

It is created by Kazuhiro Furahashi with a witty premise to remind audiences of Mr and Mrs Smith. This crazy spy Adventure sees a special agent called Twilight intruding on the enemy State under the facade of being the happy father to his family.

He goes as far as adopting an orphan and marrying a woman to take part in his game of Lies. But he is unaware that his new wife is actually a professional assassin and that his new daughter can read minds.

2. Bleach Thousand Year Blood War 

It is an anime action television series. Created by Tite Kubo and Tomohisa Taguchi offering infinite World building and a centuries-long lore to explore. Bleach starts off in a fantastic world where peace has been lost. As warning Sirens blur through the streets of Soul City civilians disappear without a Trace. 

Although mankind has no perception of what is happening. A Darkness approaches that is more powerful than anything they ever knew. 

1. Chainsaw Man 

It is an action comedy anime series created by Hiroshi Seko. Set in a dark alternate reality where Devils exist in the shadows. We are introduced to a mankind that faces their deepest fears in the form of these dangerous creatures. As every devil is as strong as the fear it represents, some like the Primal fears have never been defeated taking on historical events in a respectful manner. We follow a chainsaw devil that might change history and thus the future .

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