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Best Firefighter Movies of All Time

if you want to see dramatic stories about our daily life Heroes you should definitely check our picks for the best firefighter movies [Music]

10. Fire with Fire (2012)

Fire with fire is directed by David Barrett with a charismatic cast and cruel action scenes. It follows the story of a firefighter who takes a course of action that not even the criminals could have seen coming after being held up in a local convenience store. 

He is ordered to testify against the man responsible. However when he is threatened, he decides to take things in his own hands. 

9. Always (1989)

Always is a romantic fantasy drama film directed by Steven Spielberg. It is filled with rousing feelings of Adventure and spectacle. The story of Always follows a heroic devoted Man full of ambition constantly risking his life and his World War II vintage aeroplane to stop wildfires much to the dislike of his beloved girlfriend and fellow pilot. 

But when one last mission calls he risks everything with absurdly Supernatural consequences. 

8. The Tower (2012)

The Tower directed by Kim Jihoon. It is full of action and spectacle. The Tower sees a single father and landmark owner organising a holiday party at his Tower. He falls in love with a wonderful waitress but fate intervenes when a helicopter crashes into the building. 

Now it’s his Destiny to save everyone in the building including his loved ones.

7. Fireproof (2008)

Fireproof is directed by Alex Kendrick combines the dangers of firefighting with the risks of personal Intimacy in the face of death. It shows a firefighter realizing how much he has failed as a husband after a mission that almost kills him. 

Now embarking on a 40-day mission to save his marriage from divorce he pursues help from his devoted father and a Christian handbook. 

6. Hellfighters (1968)

 Hellfighters is an Adventure film directed by Andrew V McLaughlin. It puts light on the dangers of the firefighting job as well as the emotional and very personal conflicts that come along with it. 

Hellfighters follows the story of a team of exceptionally brave souls extinguishing oil fires all over the world. But when one of the team falls for his mate’s daughter while his worried wife questions their marriage the fire in their hearts might be the worst one they fought yet. 

5. In Old Chicago (1938)

In Old Chicago is a disaster musical drama film directed by Henry King. It revolves around an unlikely fraternal relationship tested by a massive fire. In Old Chicago follows the story of an honest lawyer Jack and his reckless saloon brother Dion. 

As time progresses, money flows and the two brothers form a dangerous rivalry. At the peak of conflict and their respective power, a destructive Chicago Fire caused by their mother’s cow might bring the two together. 

4. Ladder 49 (2004)

Ladder 49 is a disaster thriller film directed by Jay Russell. It explores the life of firefighters in a subtle and melancholic manner. Ladder 49 follows the story of a brave firefighter who upon saving a civilian from the Flames finds himself trapped inside a burning building with a broken leg. 

Waiting for his rescue he recalls memories from his past such as his first day at the job and meeting the woman that would later become his wife. 

3. Backdraft (1991)

Backdraft is an action thriller film directed by Ron Howard. It offers exceptional special effects and exciting action. Backdraft throws us into the heat of a firefighter piece where two brothers compete in a never-ending rivalry. 

When a dangerous conspiracy involving a corrupt politician threatens their careers and lives they must overcome their rivalry to crack the case. Thus, leading them on a journey where they will discover true Brotherhood. 

2. The Towering Inferno (1974)

The Towering Inferno is a disaster film directed by John Gliermann. Even in the face of catastrophe, corruption will ensure. When a state-of-the-art penthouse building is accidentally set on fire during an opening ceremony. 

The Burned Fire Chief and the architect must figure out a way to save the people while a corrupt contractor tries to evade responsibility for the incident.  Its a one of the best firefighter movies of all time.

1. Only The Brave (2017)

Only The Brave is a 2017 biographical drama film, directed by Joseph Kosinski. It is the topmost movie in the best firefighter movies list of yesmovies. It tells the story of the Granite Mountain HotShots, an elite crew of firefighters from Prescott Arizona who risk everything to protect a town from a historic Wildfire. 

All their experience and maturity achieved in fire forged camaraderie is put to the test in 2013 with the notorious Yarnell hill fire that will demand efforts no one can ignore.

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