Best Interracial Romance Movies From 2000s

Best Interracial Romance Movies From 2000s

If you want to know the best interracial romance movies you should definitely check our picks for the best ones of the 2000s. 

10. In My Country (2004)

Directed by John Borman. The story narrates as two people will find each other even in times of political conflict capturing South Africa’s Reconciliation Commission hearings. An American reporter and an African poet meet and fall in love despite having conflicted opinions on the matter.

Now it’s a question of strength to determine if the two will be separated by space again or whether they will fight on. 

9. As You Like It (2006)

It is written and directed by Kenneth Brennan, set in 19th century Japan. This is a witty and playful tale of romance and rivalry. As you like, It chronicles the life of Rosalind who must disguise herself as a boy while wandering The Forest of Arden. 

There she meets Orlando and starts a striking love affair resulting in harsher consequences than anyone could have expected.

8. Save the Last Dance (2001)

It is a teen dance film directed by Thomas Carter combining the tropes of a classic Dancing movie with the honesty of relationships and especially the troubles faced when in an interracial one. 

Save the Last Dance is the tragic story of young Sarah after losing her mother to a car crash she moves to a new town and meets a Charming hip-hop dancer who challenges her classic ballet skills. 

7. The White Massai (2005)

It is a German romantic drama film directed by Hermene Huntkebirth. As culture clashes, love remains in this vacation-turned new life. 

When a young woman leaves her boyfriend to live in Kenya she becomes infatuated with a Massai while adapting to their way of life including practices like drinking milk mixed with blood she must face expectations of what a wife means to the clan while protecting her dignity. 

6. Bend It Like Beckham (2002)

It is a romantic comedy Sports film written and directed by Gurender Chadha. This partly social commentary, partly Coming of Age, partly Sports Journey explores the inner conflicts between cultures and how the younger Generations suffer from it. 

This is true for young Jess, daughter of a strict Indian family who desperately wants to play football against the will of her parents but great talent must be followed even when holding a secret. 

5. Something New (2006)

It is a romantic comedy drama film directed by Sanahamri. Life is already planned for the beautiful Kenya. She planned it herself, having a Clear Vision of what man she had always dreamed of. Her future expectations shatter when she meets a white man who normally would never have a chance to land her but being completely swept off her feet she must now decide between a man she always wanted and true love. 

4. Neo Ned (2005)

It is a drama film directed by Van Fisher. Provocative and Boundary pushing neoned follows an anti-social man in a mental hospital who was convinced black that minorities are inferior.

However, when he meets a black inmate who believes Adolf Hitler has taken residence within her. 

A bond is formed that not only shocks anyone around them but forms and rebuilds who they are as people 

3. Monster’s Ball (2001)

It is a 2001 romantic drama film directed by Mark Forster sharing a variety of strongly committed performances. Monster’s Ball is a hard-hitting southern drama that explores love in the most unconventional situation. 

When a depressed and embittered prison guard working on death row falls in love with the wife of a man he has just executed, the two must prove their relationship Against All Odds. 

2. Things We Lost in the fire 

It is directed by Susan buyer, beautifully visualised Things We Lost in the fire is a reminiscence of Love, loss, addiction and the trauma that life’s challenges can bring with it.

When young wife Audrey loses her husband due to a senseless violence. She meets his lost childhood friend who’s now a drug addict soon the damaged Souls develop a relationship that may last deeper than ever thought. 

1. Heaven 

It is a period drama film written and directed by Todd Haynes. Exploring the interracial drama from both the societal and sexual standpoint. Far from Heaven explores the nature of suburban life and the conservative gossip that comes with it following a privileged Suburban family whose day-to-day routine is described as rather classy. We witness how their reputation is shattered when husband and wife make a decision that contradicts the Suburban beliefs. 

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