Best Movies Based On True Gangster Stories

Best Movies Based On True Gangster Stories

If you want to see true stories in the world of organised crime then you should definitely watch yesmovies picks for the best real-life gangster movies.

10. Black Mass (2015)

It is directed by Scott Cooper. This true story of Whitey Bulger, the brother of a state senator and the most infamous violent criminal in the history of South Boston. It is everything fans of classic, raw and hyper-violent gangster themes desire. Following a difficult man who spends his life suffering in morally grey zones. We witness how business is the one thing controlling the entire city. 

9. Public Enemies (2009)

It is directed by Michael Mann with a loud and daring rivalry to light up the screen. Public Enemies is a charming and daring depression-era bank robber dance on the FBI’s nose. but when the law throws their best agent at him a game of cat and mouse begins. Only one man can come out on top and this man’s hunt for the Most Wanted Public Enemy will leave no stone unturned. 

8. Blow (2001)

It is a 2001 biographical crime film directed by Ted Dem. It is based on the real life story of how George Young along with the cartel headed by Pablo Escobar established the American cocaine Market in the 1970s. As we follow him through his life dealing with marijuana and cocaine, we witness the dark and depressing consequences one has to go through when choosing this life. mostly because it is about choosing one life over another 

7.Bonnie and Clyde 

It is directed by Arthur Penn with decades on its back this major classic proves its worth and especially influence in the film industry still today. setting a paradigm shift in the Thriller genre Bonnie and Clyde introduces the iconic Duo, a small town crook stealing a car and quickly getting along with its owner’s daughter. soon they find themselves leaders of a bank robbing gang 

6. Donnie Brasco 

What could be more exciting than watching Johnny Depp and legendary Al Pacino share the same screen. Released in 1997, Donnie Brasco is an American crime drama movie. The movie is loosely based on the true story of Joseph Pastone, played by Depp and undercover FBI agent who enters the banana crime family. He earns the confidence of Mafia Hitman Lefty Reguero played by Pacino. But while Donnie moves deeper into the mafia, he realises that he is slowly crossing the line between federal agent and criminal. 

5. The Irishman 

It is directed by Martin Scorsese. It follows Frank as he remembers his years working for the buffalino crime family. Now older, the World War II veteran is once again examining his most prolific successes and his involvement in The Disappearance of his good friend Jimmy Hoffa. the former president of the International Brotherhood of teamsters who mysteriously vanished in Late July 1975. 

4. American Gangster 

It is directed by Ridley Scott. The movie is fictionally based on the criminal career of Frank Lucas. A gangster who smuggled heroin into the United States on American Service planes returning from the Vietnam War. It is also the story of a dedicated and honest policeman Richie Roberts who heads up a joint narcotics task force with the federal government seeking the leaders of the dealers. 

3. The Untouchables (1987)  

Released in 1987, The Untouchables is based on a book of the same name the movie is about the federal agent Elliot Ness who sets out to stop the ruthless Chicago gangster Al Capone during the era of prohibition of United States. It is directed by Brian De Palma The Untouchables is considered to be one of the best crime movies of all time. 

2. Casino (1995)

It is more than magic whenever director Martin Scorsese and Superstar Robert De Niro work together. Released in 1995, Casino is based on a non-fiction book of the same name by Nicholas palegi who also co-wrote the film screenplay.

The movie is a story of deception, greed, money, power and murder between two friends, a casino executive and a mafia enforcer. They compete against each other over a gambling Empire. Watch this movie to see the dark depths of American Crime. 

1. Goodfellas (1990)

Based on the 1985 non-fiction book titled Wiseguy by Nicholas Palagi, Goodfellas is directed by Martin Scorsese. It is widely regarded as one of the greatest films in the gangster genre. The movie is about the rise and fall of mob associate Henry Hill and his friends and family from 1955 to 1980. In 2000 it was honoured as culturally, historically and aesthetically significant. 

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