Best Movies To Watch With Your Family In November 2022

Best Movies To Watch With Your Family In November 2022


Director: David Fincher. Genre: Thriller. Duration: 157 minutes (162 min director’s cut).

Zodiac, Warner Bros. Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Phoenix Pictures

Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey Jr. in a masterfully crafted thriller by David Fincher. The film is inspired by a true story, that of the Zodiac killer who kept the Americans in suspense for many years. Three great actors at the service of a story that runs over a decade and that tries to understand what moved the hand of the murderer.

Inland Empire

Director: David Lynch. Genre: thriller/drama. Duration: 180 minutes.

Inland Empire, David Lynch, StudioCanal
As usual, David Lynch offers the viewer a varied and multifaceted sensory experience, going beyond the stylistic elements on which classic films are based. A journey into the maze of cinema that becomes a meta-cinema by taking the concept of time and space within the cinematographic medium to extremes.


Director: Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava. Genre: animation/comedy. Duration: 107 minutes.

Ratatouille, Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Studios

Nothing is impossible, even if you’re a rat who dreams of becoming a great chef. A fast pace in the service of an exceptionally animated film that has managed to conquer both audiences and critics.


Director: Mel Gibson. Genre: Action/History/Adventure/Drama. Duration: 138 minutes.

A great civilization is conquered from without only when it has destroyed itself from within. this reads the quote after the credits. Mel Gibson with his unique directing style offers us a modern fresco of an ancient and unknown civilization to most.

Eastern Promises

Director: David Cronenberg. Genre: noir/drama. Duration: 100 minutes.

A young Russian woman dies giving birth to her son so the midwife translates her diary looking for someone to entrust the child to. The woman will eventually discover murky relations with the Russian mafia. Cronenberg finds himself able to analyze deep moral questions through an extremely successful noir.

Blood Diamond

Director: Edward Zwick. Genre: action/drama. Duration: 143 minutes.
Blood diamond – Warner Bros. Pictures

A journey of training and awareness that the protagonist faces together with an unexpected adventure companion. The action takes place between bloodthirsty diamond traders and the civil war they fuel to continue their trade undisturbed in Sierra Leone.


Director: Satoshi Kon. Genre: Animation/science fiction. Duration: 90 minutes.

What is reality? What is imagination? What if one were the trigger for the other and vice versa? Satoshi Kon through this dreamlike journey analyzes the cause-effect components of our actions and thoughts through a style full of colors and vivid images.

Hot fuzz

Director: Edgar Wright. Genre: comedy/mystery. Duration: 121 minutes.

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright pack one of the most original and entertaining products of British cinema of the 2000s. The film is part of a larger trilogy. An amusing insight into English country life turned upside down by a series of heinous and inexplicable murders.

The Lives of Others

Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. Genre: thriller/drama. Duration: 137 minutes.

The film won the Academy Award. investigates the cultural scene of East Berlin with uncommon intensity. The area is in fact under the control of the Stasi (Ministry for State Security), a very feare

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