Lust, Lies, and Polygamy (2023)

Quality: HD
Year: 2023
Duration: 92 Min

Synopsis : Ellen believes she has the perfect life. When her new husband, Paul, isn’t traveling on business, he dotes on her and her daughter. But after a stranger is caught prowling around their house, things don’t add up. Why is Paul always away on business? And did he know the prowler? It’s as if something, or someone, is taking over his priorities. Ellen begins to discover a web of lies that she must expose to in order to free herself and her daughter. That is, if Paul doesn’t stop her first.

Country: USA
Release: Sep 12, 2023
Language: English
Production: Hybrid

Casts: Alicia S Mason, April Hale, Cecilie Davis, David W Rice, Malynda Hale, Maya Walker, Memphis Cade, Ryan Stroud, Tremayne Norris

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