Must Watch 18+ Movies of Hollywood

Must Watch 18+ Movies of Hollywood

Today we are going to share a list of adult movies that you are definitely going to like. You get to see a lot of adult scenes in all of these movies so it’s better to watch these movies alone and even much better if you watch these with your friends. Let’s begin the list:

Friends With Benefits

This movie was released in 2011. The story revolves around two characters named Dylan and Jamie who recently broke up and now do not want to get in another relationship. Despite that, they have physical needs which they want to satisfy so they decide to get their needs fulfilled by each other without any feelings or relationship.

All this brings an intense sexual activity on the screen that you may like to watch. There is no doubt you won’t feel the heat of this movie.

The Wedding Ringer

This movie was released in 2015. You would find many people in this world who are successful but do not have any friends. They do have money but no one around to spend that, have fun and enjoy. So the story of this movie also revolves around a man whose name is Dugh Harris and is about to get married.

His fiance asks him who would be his best man and the man completely goes blank as he has no such friend. He does not wish to share this with his fiance as he would seem stupid that he doesn’t even have a single friend.

Dugh approaches a company of Kevin Hart who offers friends and best man to such people. He gets a couple of guys who are jerks and adds a lot of fun to the movie including plenty of adult scenes.


This movie was released in 2018 and is an awesome movie that would make you experience horror. The story revolves around a girl named Alice who earns money by showing her live videos online. She goes on earning good money and enjoying a lavish lifestyle until one day when she finds that her credentials are not working.

She later explores that her id is being used by someone else and her video is being played by someone else. Show she will tackle this, you will have to watch and find out.  

21 Jump Street

This movie was released in 2012. This movie also has a sequel which is 22 Jump Street released in 2014. The story revolves around two cops who compliment each other very well. One of them is very sharp mentally and the other one physically. The twist here is that the one who is mentally sharp is not that fit and the physically fit one is not much mentally sharp.

They get a mission in which they are supposed to go to the college and collect the information about the spread of drugs. 

They make you experience ultimate comedy and along with that we get to adult scenes too including nudity which make this movie to be watched at least once.


This movie was released in 2014. This movie also has a sequel Neighbors 2 released in 2016. The story revolves around a couple who have a new born baby and are looking for a peaceful environment for their baby. However, a group of college students come to live in their neighborhood who are always into partying, sex, hooting, and enjoying which disturbs the baby.

There are plenty of scenes that are comic and there is a lot sex involved in many scenes. If you are planning to watch, yesmovies recommend that you watch both of the movies because you are going to love it.

The Loft 

This movie was released in 2014. The story revolves around 5 married men who rent a loft to have fun without any interference and without anyone knowing about it. 

One day they are terrified when they find a dead body of a woman in the loft and the suspect is one of them because no one else had the keys. 

Due to this, they begin to doubt each other and the story continues. Watch this movie to know more, you get to experience an amazing thrill and a lot of sex as well as nude scenes . 


This movie was released in 2006 and was banned in some countries. The story revolves around a TV reporter named Borat who tries to entertain people in different ways on his channel Kazakh TV. 

One day he gets an opportunity to go to the US and learn about their culture. It is fun to watch his observations and presentation of his culture after reaching there. You get to see a lot of comedy, entertainment and plenty of sex scenes. This is a must watch and at the top in our list.

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