Run Rabbit Run – Movie Review

This film we are doing a movie review for today is called Run Rabbit Run. This creepy Australian Thriller is now available on Yesmovies, the movie is rated R and is one hour and 40 minutes long. 


In a nutshell, the story is about a fertility doctor who is struggling after the recent death of her father. Her daughter’s strange behavior challenges her ideas about life and death. 

The movie is directed by Dana Reed who returned to Australia after her successes on the handmaid’s tale which is a very popular TV show and the Spanish princess. Congratulations to first-time screenwriter Hannah Kent who wrote the screenplay from an idea conceived by Anna Mcleish and Sarah Shaw of Carver films. 

What went Well

It begins with Sarah snook, she’s absolutely fantastic and gives an excellent performance in this movie, we have never seen her in anything before although she has been in plenty of popular TV series. 

The young actress who plays Mia also did a fantastic job. Her name is Lily LaTorre being in really super creepy scary movies concerns us to what it may do to them psychologically. 

We see beautiful cinematography, we get to see beautiful landscaping of Australia and if you love beautiful cello music you’re going to enjoy listening to the dramatic musical score that features a cello. 

The movie leaves the audience rethinking what it was that they just saw. If you like movies that are a little bit ambiguous, you’re like wait a minute, does it mean this or does it mean that and either could possibly be true, then this would be a perfect watch. 

What Could have been better

There were some things we didn’t like or just thought could have been done better for example it is a very slow moving story. Many scenes are repetitive and because of that tire stem without adding any new insights we basically see the same scene over and over again.

Not exactly but the gist of what happens in that scene. We’re not learning any new information about the characters, it’s just adding length to the movie and many of those things could have easily been cut without the story changing any meaning or significance. It’s hard to really like any of the characters in the film. The Mother and the daughter fight and scream at each other constantly so that’s unpleasant and it makes us not like either one of them. 

The lighting in the scenes most of the time is super dark and not sure if that was a choice. It must have been a choice by the director to make it really eerie. 

Another thing that’s very eerie is the music. It makes you think something creepy is gonna happen but then it usually doesn’t. You’ll be like, that was sort of a waste of creepy music however the music is throughout the entire movie because the whole movie is just kind of creepy. 

Tips for Parents 

There is some profanity including f-bombs. Some people get wounds from accidents and various things and so we see some blood and bandages. There’s talk of death, there’s a couple who’s divorced and so we see a remarriage on one side and how difficult that is for the other. 


Some of the themes are marriage, divorce, families, past lives, specifically memories grief, PTSD guilt, and overall emotional health 

Interesting lines 

This is a chilling psychological horror. There’s not a whole lot of humour happening in this movie if any so I will share a couple of the interesting lines. MIA who again is played by Lily Latorre she says “I miss people I’ve never met all the time” and you’re like okay and then another time she’s really mean to her mom and uh they just like I said they’re constantly biting and so MIA yells out you’re a monster to her mother which of course is a dagger in her heart you know you don’t ever want to have your child tell you that and then I don’t want to give away any of the plot so I’m not sharing any of the other lines with you but I want to share some 


We recommend other movies that instantly come to mind while watching this movie. The first one is called monstrous and it’s a horror movie but at the end of the movie you’re gonna go surprised or shocked. 

Another very creepy movie is Hereditary that came out in 2018 and there’s no feel good ending to that movie and then the last one is the witch that came out in 2015. 

These are horror movies but there is a little bit of a twist going on in the movie. This movie Run Rabbit Run without knowing anything about it and our movie review grade is a ”C”.  You can watch this movie here.

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