The Best Anime To See According To Yesmovies

Discovering the best Japanese anime and animated films of the last decades

The Best Anime To See According To Yesmovies

Attack on Titan

Since its debut, Attack on Titan has received unanimous acclaim. The reasons are many, but mainly the beauty of this anime lies in the intricate and dense plot that, episode after episode, both give explanations and create new questions and plots.

The basic idea is already intriguing: humanity as we know it hasn’t existed for a hundred years; in fact, on that date, the giants hungry for human beings arrived and decimated the population. Only a few people have managed to escape the genocide, hiding inside high walls where there is a strict hierarchy and a military body divided into three groups.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

In the first decades of the 1900s, demons hiding in the streets of Japan terrorize the city when the sun sets. For many they are just legends, some have never even heard of them. This is the case of Tanjiro Kamado, the eldest son of a large family who, one day, after having been selling coal all day in the village under the mountains where he lives, finds the family brutally killed.

The only survivor is the younger sister Nezuko but she was transformed into a demon. This is how they discover a world they had no knowledge of, and Tanjiro tries in every way to find a way to make Nezuko human again.

If it is usually the reference manga that is praised the most, for Demon Slayer it is the anime that has convinced the most. What is appreciated by critics and the public is the use of the shōnen genre and the classic elements of the Japanese literary tradition: from swordsmen to demons, from Buddhism to the references of Japanese theater.

Acting as the glue between the world of demons and that of the pillars, there is Tanjiro, the ideal protagonist for a contemporary shōnen. However, the animations with attention to the smallest details and the use of different techniques that make every minute of vision unmissable play a central role.

Tokyo Revengers

We are once talking about a success of a manga that first spread in Japan and then became a global hit. What is fascinating is the mixture of a single sci-fi element and a coming-of-age story that develops within a youth gang.
Takemichi is 26 years old, works in a video rental, and lives in a small and messy apartment.

He has a monotonous life and no future. In fact, he’s only had one girlfriend in middle school that he’s forgotten was hers until she finds out she’s dead, caught up in a gang fight. Following an accident, Takemichi travels through time until he finds himself in middle school. He has only one goal. he intends to change the events that led to the death of his ex-girlfriend.

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