The Best Thrillers Movies Not To Be Missed! From the 50s

Yesmovies brings you a list of some the best thriller movies of cinema classics.

The Best Thrillers Movies Not To Be Missed! From the 50s

Rear Window (1954)

Film of 1954, starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly, in the role of Jeff, a photojournalist forced to stay at home with a broken leg, and Lisa, his girlfriend. From the window overlooking the courtyard of an apartment building, Jeff enjoys looking through binoculars at what is happening in the apartments. Between couple quarrels, daily life, and some oddities, a murder will be the one that will trigger the amazement and the search for the culprit by the injured photojournalist, who will be helped by Lisa, to find out how the story really went.

Rear Window is considered a masterpiece and a classic of the genre, thanks to its direction, its suspense, and the resolution of the enigma. One thing that not everyone knows is that the set was completely built, so the entire condo was custom-made for the filming of the movie!

The Woman Who Lived Twice (1958)

The Woman Who Lived Twice is a 1958 film directed by master Alfred Hitchcock. Always counted as one of the best films of the British director, this movie is an example of a perfect thriller. With this film, Hitchcock inspired many new directorial levers, The Woman Who Lived Twice stars two memorable stars of classic American cinema, namely James Stewart and Kim Novak, in which she plays two faces of the same character. From this point of view, we can only mention the influence this factor has had on directors such as David Lynch who often puts us in front of a “doppelganger”, or two versions of the same person.

From the narrative level, the action takes place in the city of San Francisco. Scottie is a police officer who retired following an accident during a chase. Normality is shattered when a former colleague of his named Galvin asks him to investigate his wife, who has for some time been appearing to have unusual and suspicious behavior.

The eye that kills (1960)

The eye that kills is a 1960 film that has become a real cult in the psychological thriller genre over the years. In fact, from a stylistic point of view, this film is a mix between the thriller genre and a more authorial use of the genre to stage meta-cinematographic sequences. Michael Powell, the director, focuses on the obsession of looking, of observing. From this point of view, Tom, the protagonist, is a prime example. Tom is in fact, on the one hand, a cinematographer, and on the other a “voyeur” who also leads to murder.

Tom is definitely a tormented character, made so by the negative deeds he suffered as a child, making him unstable. This film is very important for the thriller genre, because it brings a breath of fresh air to the genre, putting a noteworthy authorial vein within the scenes. Although not very famous among new cinephiles, Eye that Kills certainly has a lot to give both to the viewer and to cinephiles, who will be appalled by the strength of certain images but will also remain anchored to the canonical search for the serial killer.

Chinatown (1974)

Chinatown is a must-see thriller film. Classic in regards to the genre, it is also one of Roman Polanski’s best films. In the film, you will see excellent actors such as Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway. The story is simple but very engaging. we are in 1930s Los Angeles and investigator JJ Gittes is commissioned by a woman to investigate the private life of her husband. Her husband works in the Department of Water and Electricity, and as Gittes investigates, he’ll uncover more than just the usual story of infidelity.

Frantic (1988)

We allow ourselves to do a double with the director Roman Polanski. This time we’re talking about a 1988 movie called Frantic. In this film, we find protagonists the great Harrison Ford and the beautiful Emmanuelle Seigner, who respectively play Richard, a doctor out of town for a business meeting, and Michelle, a young girl who will end up in the middle of the doctor’s life. It all starts when Dr. Richard goes to take a shower in a hotel room in Paris, where he and his wife went to attend a medical meeting. When the husband returns to the bedroom, his wife has disappeared. From here he will begin his climb into a world of secrets and plots within the French city, all to find his beloved wife.

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