Time Travel Movies That Are Underrated

Time Travel Movies That Are Underrated

If you are here that means you have quite an interest in Time Travel movies. We have curated a list of time travel movies from different genres like comedy and drama. 

When We First Met

This movie was released in 2018 and is a comedy movie. The story revolves around a guy who meets a girl and falls in love with her but the girl friendzones him. Later in the story, she gets engaged to someone else and the guy goes into depression.

He wishes he could go back to the time and change the circumstances. His wish comes true and then what he does has to be found out by watching this movie.

The Time Travel Wife 

This movie was released in 2009. The story revolves around a guy who can time travel anywhere but he does not know when and how. Due to this he meets his wife during childhood time and young adult time. 

This movie teaches you a lot about time, life and its values. 

The Tomorrow War 

This movie was released in 2021 and was promoted well. The story begins with random people appearing in the football court while the match is going on. They tell everyone that they have come from the future as they have shortage of men for war in the future. 

After collecting some soldiers they go back to their time and everyone is scared to explore the opponent they are in war with. It’s a family friendly movie and a must watch.

About Time 

This movie was released in 2018 and is a romantic movie. The story revolves around a guy of 21 years of age who comes to know that he has super power to travel in time. He wishes to make a girlfriend using his powers but instead things get challenging due to this power.

It has some adult scenes so it’s recommended to watch alone.

Midnight In Paris 

This movie was released in 2011 and has a unique as well as beautiful concept. The story begins with a guy who goes to meet his fiance’s family. Suddenly while roaming on the streets he finds himself in 1920s streets in the night time and in the daytime returns back.

This way he gets to live two lives at a time. The movie is good and can be watched with family as it only has a couple of kissing scenes.


This movie was released in 2006. The story of the movie revolves around a guy who finds a gadget which can forward the time, backward the time, use fast forward, slow motion, repeat view. It’s quite an entertaining movie by Adam Sandler .

Hot Tub Time Machine

This is a series of 2 movies and is a comedy genre. Both these parts have almost the same story. The story revolves around 3 men and a teenager who go on an outing where they are taking bath in a hot tub. While bathing, they take a nap and suddenly after a nap they realise that they are in 1986.  

Now they do not know how to return, which is a suspense in the story. In the meanwhile they enjoy their life to the fullest. It is not at all a family friendly movie so take care.


This movie was released in 2012. The story is about a team of assassins who are known as Loopers. They hunt the people from the future and kill them. The story takes a twist when the main lead from the future comes to kill the present one.

Edge Of Tomorrow 

This movie was released in 2014 starring Tom Cruise. It has power packed action. The story revolves around a soldier who is at war with aliens. Later the story discovers that the soldier is alive even after his death and keeps on travelling through time which is before death. He is stuck in that loop, to know more how and why you have to watch the movie. 


This movie was released in 2014 and is recommended by yesmovies. The story is about an organisation which goes to the past and stops the events like bomb blasts.

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