Top 7 TV Shows with Supernatural Theme

If you are bored with your daily routine and seeking for something to get your mind relaxed then this list is for you. Our list includes movies with fiction, brilliant visuals and a very good concept. Let us begin directly with the list.

Fate: The Winx Saga

The first season of this was released in 2021. The story revolves around a girl named “Bloom” who has special powers but she doesn’t know how to control it.  Therefore she joins a school where wizards are taught to control their powers. The theme of the show is very much similar to Harry Potter but the story is different, adventures are different and we get to see a different kind of magic. We recommend you watch it at least once.

Lost Ollie

This was released in 2022. It is a cute show to watch and the adventure that you get to see would definitely touch your heart. This show can be said to be an underrated show. The story revolves around a child and his little toy.

The toy has been with the kid since his early toddler days but then something happens due to which they get apart.

Toy loses its owner and the kid loses his best friend. Both toy and the kid are trying to find each other in the show. We leave it to you to explore if they meet each other or not.


If you love watching the action of Thor from marvel universe then this show is for you. The first season of this tv show was released in 2020. The story revolves around a guy named Magna. 

Magna seems to be an under confident person in the beginning but later on when he moves from his home place, he begins to feel new power within him. As the name suggests, he gets the power of Thor and he becomes a superhero.

To keep the things balanced in the story, there is an entire family with superpowers that magna has to face. Furthermore, we recommend that you watch it on yesmovies. It has powerpack action scenes in the movie.


This show was released in 2020. The story is about a girl named nimua. Her native place gets attacked by intruders who have come to kill her mother. Before dying, her mother asks nimau to deliver the magical sword to Merlin who is a powerful wizard and owner of the sword too. 

On the way to her journey she explores a lot of things about her and powers that she has. Whether she is able to deliver the sword or not? Watch the show to know more about such facts. This is more of drama and fiction than magical.

The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself

The show was released in 2022. The story begins with a place where witches are commonly found. It showcases not all witches are bad, there are some good ones too. Between all of them a little child is born who is a devils child whose name is nathan.

Nathan is supposed to get his powers when he turns 17. Now it is all dependent on Nathan to choose the path of good deeds or evil. Watch the show if you want to know more about Nathan.

Lockword & Co

This was released in 2023 and this had stolen our hearts. The story revolves around a small company named Lockword and Co who are ghost hunters. There are only 3 main characters in the company, one is the CEO, another guy is the CEOs Assistant and the third one is a girl who is naturally blessed with superpowers of hearing the ghost’s voice. 

Now the team of these people explore different places like people’s houses to catch ghosts and make the place haunting free. You will definitely love the adventure and powers shown during paranormal activities.


This was one of the best shows of their time when it was released. This was released in 2022. The main lead was Jenna Ortega who has done very good acting. The story revolves around a girl named wednesday who belongs to adams family which is a family who loves horror and dark ways. 

Wednesday goes to a normal school to study but due to her strange behaviour, she gets expelled from there. One of the such activities in this relationship is that she leaves piranha in the full of people. 

Thereafter, her family sends her to a school which deals with the same kind of children. Like children of wolves, vampires etc. To know more how Wednesday would survive or bring more troublesome experience for people around we recommend to watch the show.

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