Top Adventure Animated Movies to Watch 

Here we bring you another list of movies that are best animated movies and must watch. Now without building up much of suspense, Let’s get to the list of movies


This movie was released in 2023. The story of the movie revolves around a girl named Amber who is made from fire element and a boy named Wade who is made of water element. During the storyline, Amber wants to prove her worth to her family and while she is in process she gets into a problem leading to loss in family business. 

Thereafter, Wade who is a water element comes into her to help but instead he increases the problem initially. Though gradually he tries to solve things in the entire movie. If all these problems were solved and how was their love story that you’ll have to find out after watching the movie.

The animation quality shown is superb. Both the elements have different lifestyles which is very nicely showcased. It is a very good movie and can be watched with family too.


This movie was also released in 2023. The story revolves around a knight and a teenage girl. The knight was accused of killing the queen of their kingdom therefore the knights , soldiers and other people are searching for him to kill him. During this, the knight meets a teenage girl named Nimona. Nimona is a very good character , very jolly, happening and a pleasure to watch.

Later in the story, it is found that Nimona is a devil and has the ability to transform into any creature. The natives form an image of her as evil and are scared of her.

She tries to prove that there is no need to be scared of her and that Knight is innocent and has not killed the queen.

Watch The movie on Yesmovies to check if she is able to prove herself and the innocence of the knight.


This movie was released in 2012. The story of this movie revolves around a boy named Norman who has an under confident personality as he does not have many friends. He has only a few friends but they are not humans.

Norman is a person with a special ability to interact with ghosts and spirits. He does not end up well with humans as much as with ghosts. 

Later in the story he explores that all the ghosts are cursed and he is the only one who can save the city as he is the only one with special ability. 

If he is able to do so or not, you will have to find out by watching the movie.

Rise Of The Guardians

This movie was released in 2012. If you have a basic knowledge of some spirits as per christianity then it will be easier for you to understand for eg- Santa claus, Tooth Fairy, Sandman, Lucifer. Jack frost. In this movie the evil spirit which is shown as Lucifer has come to rule the world and in order to do so he will have to kill all the pure spirits.

To face this evil spirit, all the pure spirits unite. Now if they face them or they don’t. Even if they face each other, who will win? Watch the movie to get all of these answers.

A good movie, one may experience adventure, magic and subtle comedy. The presentation of the character Santa Claus is very cool.

The BoxTrolls

This movie was released in 2014. The story revolves around creatures known as BoxTrolls who reside under the earth’s ground. They try to survive there themselves as they are scared of humans. They believe that humans would harm them if they get to know about their existence.

However, Boxtrolls are very kind creatures as shown in the movie. One day they find a child (human) and he starts to live with them. Later, the humans find out about the existence of BoxTrolls and plan to kill them. The child, who is now a grown up, tries to save BoxTrolls from humans.

Whether he is able to save them or not you have to find out by watching the movie. Also, find out why they want to kill BoxTrolls?

Kubo And The Two Strings

This movie was released in 2016. We found this movie an underrated one as the story of this movie is very good. The story revolves around a little boy named Kobo who has some special powers that he acquired from his mother and father.

The life of Kubo is endangered as per story as a spirit is after him for vengeance. If Kubo wants to win over the spirit by killing, he would need the armour of his father.

This is about his journey to find the armour. We won’t give you much spoilers and let you explore his magical journey. There are plenty of twists in the movie that are cute and add to the quality entertainment .

Puss In Boots

This epic movie was released in 2022. This is quite a popular movie and you might have heard about this character. In this movie, it’s the last life of the cat Puss which is highlighted after going forward in the story. The movie revolves around the fear of death in the cat as she won’t be reborn again as this would be the ninth time. This is a very beautiful movie which cant be explained in words. It’s recommended that you watch this instead of looking for reviews or such things.

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