Top Movies With Sci-Fi Adventures In Space 

Top Movies With Sci-Fi Adventures In Space 

Today we have listed down high rated movies of all time from the sci-fi genre. These movies showcase the different adventures in space. Here is the list.


This movie was released in 2016. The story revolves around passengers who are travelling in their sleeping bot from our planet to another in search of better life. Their journey is for years and during this one of the passengers awakens which results in opening of the sleeping bot.

The bot is not capable of being repaired and thus passengers have to spend 90 years in spacecraft however that too all alone.

The journey of how he spends all this alone in a spaceship is really interesting and makes it a must watch.


This movie was released in 2013. This is an awesome movie and if you are scared of going into space then this will surely boost it. The story revolves around two astronauts who meet with an accident in space due to which they get separated from their space shuttle. 

They are left alone in the space with no one around and with just a spacesuit over. 

The way they try to save themselves is shown in the movie. Now it is on you to explore how they survive or if they survived.


This movie was released in 1998 as a result it has quite old cinematography however it does not affect the movie experience. Though the concept of this movie is real but is still interesting due to its unique concept.

The story is about an asteroid which is about to crash into earth. So NASA plans to hit the asteroid into small pieces to save the planet. NASA makes a team of Misfits who have to drill on an asteroid. If they are able to accomplish their mission or not, watch the movie and find out.

Star Trek

This is a Trilogy. The first part was released in 2009, second in 2013 and third in 2016. This movie showcases the space world very differently. We see futuristic action like ease of travel from planet to planet as we have harmony with aliens.

Some aliens are friends and some are foe. Just like we have an army and military, there are such organisations in space who protect and moderate the space. The movie looks very much futuristic and you will love it. 


This is an amazing movie. You will definitely think if this could be possible. This movie was released in 2012. The story of the movie revolves around scientists who are exploring space and researching how human existence began. 

On their way they find out they find a moon which they believe is a place from where human existence began. They visit the moon and find out entirely different and amazing things which are so fascinating that you would definitely think if it could be possible.


This movie was released in 2017. The concept of this movie is very realistic. The story is about a team of scientists who are searching for life in space and they even find it later in the movie.

The creature that they find tends to grow at a very rapid pace and as it gets bigger, it becomes scarier. The horror element in the movie is very good.

Apollo 13

This movie was released in 1995. The cinematography might look old as it’s been almost 2 decades since the movie was released though it has some great visuals if we compare that time. As the name suggests, The movie revolves around a spaceship named Apollo 13 who is going to the moon.

On the way, due to some problem they had to return from the way with very little distance left to reach the moon. 

The challenge in the movie is to get the spaceship back to earth safely. The scientists are not able to fulfil their dream to climb on the moon and later it becomes a survival stage for them. This movie is recommended by yesmovies to be watched.

Ad Astra

This movie was released in 2019. The story revolves around an astronaut who is assigned a mission to find another astronaut who is his father. 

While on the mission, he explores a mystery which can cause danger to our planet. It is a slow paced movie but it has some great visuals to watch. Find out if he is able to find his father in space or not.  

The Martin

This is one of our favourite movies on space adventure and was released in 2015. The story revolves around a team of scientists who go to mars for research purposes. When they reach there, they face disastrous storms.

While returning, one scientist is left on mars thinking that he may be not alive but he is. In such a case what will happen you have to find out.

First Man

This movie was released in 2018. It is based on reality as it shows the event of 20 July 1969 which is when Niel Armstrong went on the moon. The movie does not have any suspense but it shows the struggles and journey of NASA right from Apollo1 to Apollo 11. It is a very beautiful and inspiration movie 


This movie had been the highest grossing movie and a sequel to this was also recently released. The story is about a planet named Pandora where a community of aliens named Nabi lives. Humans reach this planet to take resources from the planet.

This is a very visually appealing movie with a great unique concept. It has action, drama, romance and ofcourse sci-fi.


Last but not the least, this movie was released in 2014. It is very much loved by the audience. The story revolves around a space explorer team who goes into a wormhole to check if survival is possible inside it or not.

During exploration they find eye opening things that would amuse you. It is a very popular movie by Christopher Nolan and has great visuals.

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