Tv Shows On Netflix With Highest Rating

Tv Shows On Netflix With Highest Rating

These are the must watch shows and some of them are so good that you will be wanting to see more of this even if the episode ends. These are kind of addictive. Let’s get to the list of these shows

Mind hunter

This Show was released in 2017. Currently the IMDB rating of this show is 8.6. You get to experience a good thrill and drama in the movie. The show represents the psychology of a person before committing a crime such as murder.

Two FBI agents who visit different prisons to interview criminals personally and understand their psychology. The story will give you goosebumps as they explore. Most of the criminals shown are based on reality.

House of Cards

This Show was released in 2013. This was the first show of Netflix and currently the IMDB rating of this show is 8.7. The story revolves around a congressman who wants to see himself as President but then a new US president is appointed who doesn’t give him a desired post. 

The congressman is on the road to vengeance and the way he takes revenge that has to be seen by watching the show. This is an intense show that will give you a thrilling experience. 


This Show was released in 2017 and you won’t forget it for a few days after watching it. Currently the IMDB rating of this show is 8.7. This series is very much complex and we won’t be doing justice by explaining it here. First and second seasons are a bit complex but by the third season things will open up and are easier to relate to.

If you are aware about the paradox of time travel then only it is recommended to watch the show on yesmovies or else it will be difficult for you to understand. 

Stranger things 

This Show was released in 2016 and is a well known popular show. Currently the IMDB rating of this show is 8.7. The story begins with a group of few teenage friends who are playing at night and returning home. While returning, a teenager gets missing and nobody gets to know where he disappeared.

The cops of the entire city are in search of him but nobody gets to know anything. As the show goes further, it is explored that there are supernatural powers behind this accident.

Watch the show to know what these supernatural powers are.


This Show was released in 2015. Currently the IMDB rating of this show is 8.8.  The story of this show is inspired by true events. The story is about a drug lord Pablo Escobar and related people who are involved in such crimes.

This show has got crime, thrill, drama, and action.


This Show was released in 2021 and is an animated series where you experience top level action and drama. Currently the IMDB rating of this show is 9.0. This show is inspired by a game called league of legends. The story showcases a place named Pildover which is divided in two parts: upper layer for the rich and underground for the poor.

However the government of the place is the same for both. The upper class have benefits as they are rich and thus get selected. Therefore some people from underground try to bring a revolution.

There is a girl named V who occasionally goes to the upper ground to steal things. One day she unknowingly steals something that should be with her as it is extremely valuable. Further we would like you to watch this show and enjoy the story. It has quite good action and can be considered a masterpiece.

Breaking Bad

This Show was released in 2008 and is a very popular show. Currently the IMDB rating of this show is 9.5. The story begins with Walter white who is a chemistry professor who lives a normal life until he comes to know that he is suffering from lung cancer. 

He needs a lot of money to get his chemotherapy done and simultaneously he is scared for his family after him. 

He is shown as an honest man who has never cheated anyone and thus does not have much money with him. He plans to do something to give his family a better future.

He begins to make Meth (a kind of drug) and plans to sell in the market with Jesse Pinkman. Further you need to watch the movie to explore their journey. 

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