Watch These K-drama Shows On Netflix

Korean dramas are very popular these days and there we have brought a list of a few must watch K-dramas available on netflix. Here is the list:


This show was released in 2021. It has a very good concept that people come to know about their death before it is about to happen. When the person is about to die, creatures known as angels come and take you with them. These angels are huge and brutal too.
Due to this a lot of people try to save themselves from death, watch the show to know if anyone could survive.


This show was released in 2021. Before you watch this movie, you must know that there is a law in South Korea that every guy has to serve the military for at least 18 to 21 months but not everyone is able to complete that training and those who leave are known as deserted. 

The story is about deserted people and there is a military unit who are searching for them.

It is a good show to understand the Korean law and its challenges. You’ll get to experience good drama and great action.

Its Okay To Not Be Okay

This show was released in 2020 and is a rom-com. The story of this show revolves around a boy who cares for all very much and he is a caretaker professionally. Later, he meets a girl who is very selfish and mean but professionally she works as a writer for horror stories for kids.

They have no intention of being together but certain events take place that they tend to fall for each other. Yesmovies recommends this show if you are a romance and a comedy lover.

My Name 

This show was released in 2021 and is power packed with action. The story of the show revolves around a girl whose father is murdered in front of her eyes and is seeking revenge for the same.

After some investigation, it is found that the person who killed her father was a cop, thus she joins the military to take revenge. The journey of the girl is worth the watch and in order to find out if she could take revenge or not, watch this show. It has got good drama and action to watch.

Sweet Home

This show was released in 2020 and is a horror drama. The story is about humans transforming into some monster. A building is only left where some humans are left and they are trying to survive. 

However, there are some monsters in that building too and they are roaming in the building. 

This show has good action, some blood scenes and brutal scary monsters. Watch the movie to know if humans could survive. 

Move To Heaven

This show was released in 2021 and has a wonderful concept. Move to Heaven is a name of business which provides a unique service. They deal in the leftovers of deceased persons and put them to their best use. 

The story mainly revolves around a guy named Geu-ru who takes over the business of his dad. He, along with his nanny who is his uncle too, works beautifully to maintain the legacy of his fathers business. 

This show has a deep meaning of scenes and messages. Show is slow paced and dependent on drama.


This show was released in 2021. The story is about a lawyer who is working in Italy. His client from Italy dies so he moves to South Korea where his life takes twists and turns. There are various other characters in the show who add comedy to the story.

The character development and cinematography is very good in this movie. It has superb action and we recommend that you give it a watch.

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