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Wonder Well Movie Review

The movie we are reviewing today is called Wonder Well. This fantasy drama is rated PG-13 and is an hour and 36 minutes. Our movie review grade is a B. We thought it was a very sweet film. 


In a nutshell, This movie is set between modern day Italy and the Fantastical realm just beyond. Wonder well is a coming-of-age fairy tale that follows “Violet” who’s played by Kira milward, a naive and inquisitive 12 year old girl on an intriguing adventure with “Hazel” and “Jana” that will transform her life forever 

What Went Well

Here’s the list of things that we really liked about the film: 

  • We loved the music and images during the very opening credits at the beginning so magical and intriguing it set the tone. We were ready for a magical Adventure. The things that happened during them are really important because it really does get you excited and set the tone for expectations. 
  • We absolutely loved seeing Carrie Fisher. Most people know her as Princess Leia from Star Wars right although she did many other things. We remember seeing her as a teenager singing on the stage with her famous multi-talented iconic mother Debbie Reynolds, sadly this was Carrie Fisher’s last film. Before she passed she turned 60 years old and had a lavish birthday party inviting everyone from the cast and crew of this movie. 
  • Rita is a world-class singer in her own right. Other cast members include Rita, Kira Millward as I mentioned Nell tiger free and Sebastian Croft. 
  • The music is just lovely. It features music from William Ross who did “Destination Wedding” and “Ladder 49” with a song called Violet’s theme composed by Grammy winner Angelo Badalamenti from Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks. It’s performed by the London Symphony Orchestra
  • It features many of the changes the protagonist is going through. You can actually hear that the music changes from dark to light to also illustrate the differences between the two Realms where this protagonist travels like many films nowadays.
  • The story features an alternate universe in this film. They don’t call it a meta universe but it’s kind of like a fun fact this movie originated as a short story and then was turned into a movie short winning several Awards.
  • It’s a feature film and the themes of light and dark are Illustrated in the lighting of various scenes as well as in the two witch sisters themselves. The scenes where one of the little girls interacts with nature are so sweet. 

We love how the flowers just willingly wrap their stems around her wrist and it’s just very innocent and sweet. The film was shot in beautiful Italy, specifically Rome and Tuscany. The gorgeous location must have made it easier for the cinematographer Kenji katori and the director to get stunning shots. 

  • Italian costume designer Nicoletta Erkole and her team showcased over 800 costumes for the actors plus Yana’s entire fashion line and it’s really fun to see Yana coming out with all of these costumes which are just so awesome if you like fashion. 
  • Visual effects team combined CGI with live action and a few animatronics to create the fairy tale feeling of Wonder Well. The special effects budget had some challenges which resulted in the film’s release of seven years. Ultimately the movie does a great job of illustrating the delicate transfer from childhood to maturity.

What could have been better

With all of that praised there were just a few things that could have been done better or differently for example 

It’s a little bit confusing as the story bounces between the two alternate areas and you’re not sure if this is live time or if they’re going back in time some of the scenes are just a little bit confusing the movie starts as a somewhat sweet innocent story but quickly develops more mature. Unlike rated R types of themes, it’s not just an innocent childhood story because of that it’s hard to know which age really is the perfect target audience for the film. 

It’s generally family friendly and you’ll just have to know your children the best to know if they’ll be frightened. There’s nothing super scary um but there are some ominous overtones that you’re probably good to go 

Some tips for Parents

There is some profanity in English and Italian. Two girls fight over wanting to kiss the same boy. There are a few scary images that are more ominous, not like big monsters but a few moments where young children might be frightened. There are some Mentor topics for example infidelity kind of thing. 


Some of the themes that are Illustrated are coming of age, family, Womanhood, imagination, seeing others for what and who they really are, jealousy, choices and accountability. Sisterhood nature power good versus evil male and female power and sexual exploitation in the fashion industry um that’s not a big huge theme but it’s definitely a message you could talk to your kids about as you watch what happens in the story regarding that industry all right 


Let us give you some quick recommendations for similar films. 

The school for good and evil 

It’s offered on Yesmovies and is really more for teenagers, maybe pre-teens, because there are some scary moments in that.

Catherine called Birdie 

A pre-teen young woman who lives during the Renaissance in medieval times and over in Europe somewhere and it starts off very funny. She’s a fast talking, very spirited young woman and then it takes a very dramatic turn just like this movie does. 


It’s also a coming-of-age story of a young woman although she’s a little bit older. Fantastic performances, a young woman who’s trying to figure out life and who she is. 

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